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Can we move faster than a virus?

To watch this update instead, here's the video.

Last week I was talking about the lack of testing on COVID-19, my background in DNA tests, and a call to action.

An hour after I sent that update I got a note from my friend Walter De Brouwer, a serial entrepreneur and medical innovator. He said, "Yes, let's make this happen, let's work together move the needle on COVID-19 testing". I called up my friend Eri Gentry. She recently joined the Negative team as co-founder, and we've worked together for the last 10 years on projects that matter. We're co-founders of BioCurious, the world's first hackerspace for biotech. Today we're launching the COVID Accelerator on Slack.

Feeling powerless, hopeless, or feel like you don't have the skills or knowledge to help?

This is the moment of our generation. 10 years from now, what will you say you did?

Eri and I hosted a virtual COVID hackathon on Wednesday night. An excited group of 14 attendees including a bioinformatician, a member of the CDC, biohackers, and programmers. Now we're continuing the work on Slack and launching the COVID Accelerator.

Click here to join the COVID Accelerator on Slack.

Share this message with your network if you know people that want to work on projects to solve COVID-19. Also check out Just One Giant Lab, a huge group of bio hackers focused on molecular diagnostics. And read Flatten the Curve for an introduction to COVID-19.

This is all hands on deck. Let's go save the galaxy.


P.S. mindful friend Dan Walsh is hosting Virtual COVID-19 "Conquer Fear Meditation" on Saturday at 6:30 AM PST. Anyone can join from around the world! Sign up and join us.


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