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November 19, 2021

This is a follow-up on my last note about "making a phyiscal product or making a carbon credit" and the 21st century biz model (part 1 and 2).

I've been following this terrific discussion in the #business-model-lab channel on AirMiners Slack about carbon removal business models. Here's the great points and questions made so far -- with shoutouts to the authors:

This is the beginnings of a huge industry -- and AirMiners are leading the way by talking it through, figuring it out, and integrating this into our work, projects, and ideas. It's right here!

To join the discussion you can hop into the Slack thread (if you're on AirMiners Slack), or come to the Friday Afternoon Networking event tomorrow at noon PST where this will be the center topic. Plus we've got a panel discussion coming up on this in early December (sign up for future AirMiners events notification here). You can also check out recordings from the previous #business-model-lab events here on YouTube.


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