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Building an inclusive industry

May 04, 2021

Back in December, I sent out a note about Women AirMiners. I want to share the progress and my latest thoughts. You can read this note below, or the video version is here.

Many women responded to my email, including Siobhan Montoya Lavender and Ongeleigh Underwood who stepped up and created the Women AirMiners (WAM) group, #women-airminers on Slack.

WAM's first event was Building Successful CDR startups: Hosted by Women Air Miners featuring women air mining founders, CEOs, CTOs, and Presidents. They also hosted a WAM networking event this past Friday to offer help or ask for help. (the next one will be scheduled soon so keep an eye on the AirMiners Events Calendar)

Ongeleigh is a writer and interviewed women about their experiences in air mining, and her first interview is here with Ardilla Deneys, the CEO of carbon negative furniture company Pollima.

Wow, go WAM!

Watching WAM take off helped me recognize there's a lot of potential groups of the air mining industry who are underrepresented and haven't had the opportunity to step forward. Maybe you're the person to step forward and start it! This is how the Environmental Justice group at AirMiners got started as well (#env-justice on Slack)

Tomorrow (5/5) we're hosting the AirMiners "Taking Flight" conference on Wednesday with 500+ air miners attending. Now that carbon removal is airborne, we need to take inventory of what's working and what areas or groups need help. If you haven't already heard about the conf, here's the agenda and registration. And check this 5 minute video I made on what "Taking Flight" means in 2021.

If there's a group that you want to help start, let me know. Just like WAM, the naming potential here is huge.....BAM, DAM, FAM, GAM. What do those mean? You tell me!


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