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Beta testing climate-positive bracelet

June 21, 2019

Thanks for all the thoughts on Negative's bracelet sketches a few weeks ago.

We made a few prototype bracelets based on the feedback. I've been wearing one on my wrist. It's a real conversation starter!

In Oslo, Toronto, and the Bay Area, people ask questions like how much carbon is in it (10 grams), where it comes from (DAC + point source carbon capture), how it's made (prototyped in Menlo Park), is it safe (yes). And personally, a difficult clasp can be a pain in the butt to get on my wrist. This prototype is made with new carbon materials including samples from Carbon Upcycling Technologies and Carbon Engineering.

Check out Climeworks' new service to bury carbon underground in Iceland using direct air capture!

We're looking using this to neutralize the carbon in the manufacturing of the bracelet. What do you think? 


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