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AirMiners community is creating podcasts, startups, roadmaps

July 18, 2022

I want to highlight the latest action happening on AirMiners, and a vision for the future of carbon removal it inspired. (video is here)

- I loved seeing Na'im's new podcast interviewing leaders in carbon removal. Two new episodes are out, listen here. Na'im also just posted about publishing a report with Carbon Plan called "Barriers to scaling the long-duration carbon dioxide removal industry". Love to see Na'im building in public and modeling how we get there. Na'im has a specific focus on the meta, systems level view on carbon removal I find inspiring.

- Ryan asked about realistic milestones for the direct air capture sector. He got 16 replies weighing in on how to figure this out. Imagine a world where you don't have this feedback loop, you set goals that are too low, or too high, and struggling or failing. I love to see Ryan putting himself out there, demonstrating that by sharing with others you can go further, faster.

- Ben is starting a new company and asked others to explore concepts together intersted in ocean carbon removal pathways, carbon markets, and carbon removal measurement. Rather than building in secret, at the earliest stage Ben is coming out and seeing who wants to join in. Ben even mentioned reaching out directly to a few people, and provided a calendly link to setup a call, so you know it's serious. Props to Ben! Like that lone dancer, you do your wiggle and others start to join in, and there's a party before you know it.

- Dr. Jenny Mills interviewed IPCC lead author Dr. Bill Collins for his comments about the IPCC process behind the scenes and what he sees ahead for the future of carbon removal and tips for air miners working on gigaton scale.

- Jason's gratitude for the latest batch of Launchpad applications yet. The teams that are applying, the ideas, are better than ever. Love to see it!

Here's a vision for where this all is headed. I see a world where we flood the podcast market with hundreds of different people with podcasts, every day there are new reports and publications, sharing individual stories and lessons from the front edge of carbon removal. Thousands and millions of people listen in, follow along, read new reports, and dive in themselves. Innovators leap over "stealth mode" and go straight to "launch", skip "i have it all figured out" in exchange for "let's figure it out", make tons of mistakes, and go further, faster, together.

AirMiners is this backchannel for creating that world. It's where we all speak the same language, we skip the gaps, and get into creating solutions. All these people posting, creating, sharing, that's how we get there. And this newsletter exists to help make that happen, pulling out stories from the community and showing the path they pave for us.

Next, I want you to announce what your thing is! Go post it on AirMiners Slack (emailing me is ok but I prefer if you share it with others).


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