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AirMiners Accelerator

November 03, 2020


It's my extreme pleasure to be surrounded by other people who are obsessed with carbon removal as much as I am. And for the last 6 months, the AirMiners team has been working on how to channel this obsession, this momentum, into a big change for the carbon removal industry.

As you know, carbon removal is a trillion dollar opportunity disguised as an existential crisis. There needs to be a dedicated program that specifically helps entrepreneurs succeed in carbon removal.

Today we’re announcing the AirMiners Accelerator, to make sure there are a thousand shots on goal over the next decade: 

The program will provide:

No matter the outcome of the US election, there’s important work to be done. That's why we're announcing this today, it's the perfect opportunity to be proactive on climate and declare "let's do this!" before the election results pour in.

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