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Air Mining 101

July 03, 2020

"I'm curious about air mining but where do I start?"

I've heard that question a lot recently so I helped publish Air Mining 101, an online resource to help you get started. Check it out here.

Here's a quick description of what's inside:

- Reading list (and just added yesterday, John's DAC List)
- Events and Conveners
- Newsletters and Podcasts
- Accelerators, Funders, and Perks

You can also watch this 10 minute video walkthrough I posted on YouTube.

If you feel like this climate stuff is too big to understand, that's okay. You don't have to get it all at once. The changing climate is too complex for any single person to understand all of it, so be content with picking a piece of the puzzle and starting there.

What if you're already an expert? Use Air Mining 101 as a tool to help you with your conversations with your friends or family, see if they find it useful or where it needs to be improved.

Read Air Mining 101 here

Got a favorite part of Air Mining 101 that helped you, or a favorite article that I should include? Hit reply!


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