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A vision for the future

July 04, 2022

After the latest decision from the USA Supreme Court limiting the EPA's ability to regulate emissions, even things that seem set in stone are not. (video message here)

Our fledgling carbon removal industry is still so new, nothing is even close to being set in stone. So much still needs to be to be imagined and created by people like you. On AirMiners last week I was talking with others about a vision for the future inspired by Jack's post

Today I'm curious about your own vision for the future of carbon removal. The future is open for you to define it and contribute to it. How do you envision a future that gets stronger with every upswing and downswing?

For inspiration you can look to others in the industry for a peek at their own vision. I look to all the startups working on new solutions. I also look the leaders in the AirMiners community. There's a group putting together a Code of Conduct vision for how do we want to treat each other and work together. I also look to the environmental justice group that published their vision for the future of carbon removal and environmental justice (link to the publication here), including an invitation to join their future meetings. As you're thinking about your own vision, grab onto those that others have created, you can add on to them, take pieces, or imagine something totally different.

What can we learn from other industries? What tools do other industries use to thrive on variability?

It's Independence Day here in the USA today, which is also a reminder of the power of vision. Today we're celebrating the start of this experiment - throwing out some foundations that weren't working, keeping what seemed good, and pulling in new elements. Carbon removal will be the same way.

What's your vision for the future of carbon removal? And what role are you contributing to making that vision a reality? If you're game, post it to #general on AirMiners Slack for others to build on, or otherwise you can hit reply to this email.

Maybe you have thoughts to share immediately, or maybe something comes to you over the next few days or weeks. Looking forward to hearing back!


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