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95 carbon removal startups with $57M of funding

May 10, 2023

Over the last two years, 95 startups graduated from our AirMiners accelerator program with a combined $57M of grant money and venture capital raised.

That means there's an average of one new carbon removal startup created every week! And an average of $600k per week is going towards new carbon removal ideas.

Remember, our accelerator program runs every three months so we're always connecting with new carbon removal startups.

With batch #9 coming up in August, we need 30 new teams opening up the possibility for removing 1 gigaton of carbon dioixde cumulatively by 2030. What's uncomfortable is that to hit 30 teams means we need even more than 1 startup per week getting started, more like 1.5 or 2.

To help spark new solutions at our town hall last week Jason introduced new "ideas needs and leads" sessions. And he has already hosted two of them! See below for the summaries of the 16 ideas with links to the notes from the session. Followup with the person on Slack or through email.

Let these people and ideas inspire you to join, support, or start your own thing. It's go time!

Got an idea you want to share for the next Ideas, Needs, and Leads session? Hit reply with a one-liner.


P.S. Got ideas about methane-based carbon removal? Methane-based carbon removal event event is coming up including Erika Reinhardt from Spark Climate.


Viraj - wastewater CDR: Biogenic carbon removal from wastewater, wants clear understanding of carbon flows, looking to connect with people in the field. link

Shreya - design of space and energy efficient DAC. Seeking Chemical or MechE background to work with on space-efficient DAC design. link

Dan - incorporate carbon removal into renewable infrastructure link

Dominick - Turn giant kites into DACs: Use photo-catalysts to create textile materials that can be turned into giant kites. link

David - SiduEarth: carbon accounting to help people monitor their carbon outputs through a B2C marketplace with a diverse CDR portfolio, looking to connect with people working on CDR. link

Martin - Career advice for CDR business in China & Trade: PM with a background in Data Analytics looking for contacts in the mining industry in China, particularly for olivine enhanced rock weathering. link

Matt - Forest Conservation: Model leveraging land use and cover data & property ownership data to expand network with folks working on similar topics, looking for contacts from Restore Project. link

Jordan - Magnesium oxide soils. link

Lindsay - Reforesting the Ocean: Use sea-forestation credit to bring back biodiversity, seeking sea-forestation customers and companies looking to make progress on restoration activities. link

Ben - Sorbents and technology transfer: Looking for a chemist and MechE to help with hardware. link

Michael - looking for help with marketing and naming link

Alex - Ocean alkalinity enhancement and monitoring: Writing a whitepaper and looking for a co-founder more on the customer-facing/business side. link

Tapan - Looking for help on how to incorporate in the USA for 45Q tax credits, also interested in organizing an event with carbon removal skeptics to broaden dialog. link

Paul - Harvesting the 5,000 mile sargassum blob floating in the Caribbean; algae harvesting and carbon removal credits, seeking help with regulation of harvesting and legal situations in international waters. link

Josh - Exploring carbon removal business models where value accrues, vertical integration, and leveraging cooperation and open source. link

Mennatallah - Coupling CDR with testing effects on air quality link

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