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9 startups, 6 weeks: what I learned at AirMiners Launchpad

August 05, 2021

Batch #1 of AirMiners Launchpad is done!

We learned a ton from working with 9 carbon removal startups over 6 weeks. Now we get to iterate and improve for batch #2. Video version here.

Here's what we learned. Like I talked about in my last message, customer discovery process is super valuable for a new company. Digging in and interviewing potential customers to understand what problem are you are solving and who will pay to solve that problem.

As valuable as it is, customer discovery is hard and painful and teams. But without it your company can go months or years in the wrong direction. Interviews will be uncomfortable, forcing you to taking a hard look at what you've built from your potential customer's shoes, not liking what you find.

One thing that makes it easier is working alongside other carbon removal startup founers. We heard from founder teams in Launchpad that they appreciated being able to work this out alongside other founders, being able to compare notes and get inspired, dodge distractions, and figure out what works.

For Batch #1 we started out Launchpad with a focus on tech development and then transitioned to customer discovery for the last two weeks. Based on the feedback from teams we're putting customer discovery first from day 1.

Applications for batch #2 are closing August 31st. If you're working on direct air capture, mineralization, soils, oceans, forests, or anything else that pulls molecules of carbon dioxide from the air or ocean, join us.

We're especially looking to support diverse teams that are necessary to creating the type of company that gets to gigaton scale carbon removal, so especially encourage female founders and people of color to apply.

Customers are coming. Capital is coming. We need 1,000 shots on goal for carbon removal.


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