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2020 meeting of the minds

January 11, 2020

If you want to watch this message instead of read it, here's the video.

On Monday morning I was invited to speak with Peter Eisenberger. He's one of the "godfathers" of direct air capture and CTO/co-founder of Global Thermostat, a leading direct air capture company.

Peter was sharing his ideas for a meeting of the minds in carbon removal. He's got these great big ideas for what's needed in 2020 like policy, technology, and startup partnerships. And suddenly he stops and asks "Tito, what do you think this meeting of the minds should be about?"

I thought about it a little bit, I could just say all those ideas sound great, of course they do. But then something really struck me and said to myself, might as well tell him here's what I really think. Here's what I said:

Activation is the key for 2020. How do we activate more people who want to be a part of creating solutions. How do we give people the tools they need to have more conversations on air mining.

There's so much we have to gain by bringing more people on board and seeing where they take these new ideas. We already have so many facts, data points, and charts. It's time to take action, mobilize to do stuff with all this knowledge and information that we have.

Climate change will create the first trillionaire. We need to enable more entrepreneurs, attract more customers, and spark new rebels. More conversations rather than less conversations. The hacker ethos, let's try things, let's be relentless about solutions. Let's identify challenges and go after the solution, using any tools we need, any ideas we need, any people we need. Let's bring those together. For a meeting of the minds for carbon removal, we need to focus on activation.

How would you have answered the question, what do you think this meeting of the minds should be about?

I'd love to hear more big questions, so if you have a big burning question you'd like me to take a shot at, I'd love to hear it. Hit reply!


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