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1,000 true fans

October 30, 2019

I love Kevin Kelly’s concept of “1,000 true fans”. The idea is if 1,000 fans support a new project, that gives it this special momentum to grow big. That’s what the carbon removal conversation needs!

We’re at 570 people right now on the Negative campaign. Let’s get to 1,000!

These new backers will join the 570 others including:
- VC Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures
- The Climeworks team
- AirMiners community member Felix Kramer

Can you help me reach another 430 people in the next 31 hours?

Pick a blurb below, and copy and paste it on your network of choice. Tag 5 friends to help share. There’s a special $5 “Let’s Go Negative” level that’s available for everyone!

Carbon-negative jewelry is blowing up on Kickstarter, over $50,000 in 30 days. http://kck.st/2ob5Bcy #gonegative

Negative is a bracelet made with atmospheric carbon dioxide. Each bracelet is a symbol—and a literal example—of how we can solve the climate crisis. http://kck.st/2ob5Bcy #gonegative

Negative is a bracelet made with captured atmospheric carbon emissions. This stuff would be heating up our planet. Now it’s a cool thing you can wear on your wrist. http://kck.st/2ob5Bcy #gonegative

I can only do this with your help. We’ve got 31 hours to go!


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