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How to win Elon Musk’s $100M carbon capture prize

January 30, 2021

Want to claim Elon Musk's $100 million carbon capture prize?

There will likely be 10,000+ applications and attempts, here's my tips for standing out. Details about the prize are still pending so here's what I see so far. My video has extended comments and fresh carbon removal memes.

1. Connect to outer space - Elon wants to go to Mars, tie your master plan to interplanetary travel

2. Think wrong - the reason we need this prize is none of the existing solutions are not enough

3. If you can't start a team, join a team. Your biz skills, tech skills, and meme skills are needed

4. Make memes - "We have to find out how to scale up carbon removal memes" says meme miner Asa Kamer (video has examples)

5. Boot up on carbon removal: Air Mining 101, Carbon Removal Academy, CDR Primer Book Club, Join AirMiners

6. Get lucky - I just shipped 2 AirMiners hats to the SpaceX office in Hawthorne California...I'll keep you posted what happens with those.

Are you joining the quest to win the prize? Hit reply.


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